All About Massage in the Philippines

by Larry on April 10, 2010 · 5,295 comments

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When foreigners first come to the Philippines they are often confused about massage. They see massage parlors or clinics in many places. They have heard about massage often being sexual. Isn’t there clean massage? Or, if you want sexy massage, how do you make sure and not embarrass yourself? Well you are right to be confused. You are right because several variations of massage exist in the Philippines. I will describe the three basic variations below.

Legitimate Clean Massage

Actually the majority of massage places in the Philippines are clean. They are legitimate massage places with trained masseuses and do not do offer any sexual extra’s. If you are in such a place don’t embarrass yourself and make the masseuse feel uncomfortable by asking for any sexual extra. Well, how do you know if you are in a “clean” massage place? If the masseuse is wearing a formal looking, nurse like uniform, that’s usually an indication of “clean only” massage. Most clean massage places will make the customer wear shorts. However even some clean massage places allow the customer to be naked. However, in such a case the masseuse will take care to always keep your private parts covered with a towel.  They will never look at your penis. When giving you a massage they may get close to your groin area, but they will never touch your penis or testicles. Also, if the room is only a curtained in area without real walls or a real door, they will not offer extra, as there is not sufficient privacy.

Legitimate Massage with Extra

There are some massage places that offer legitimate massage with trained masseuses that will nevertheless offer “Extra Services”, otherwise known as a “happy ending”. By EXTRA I mean massage of the penis (masturbation) until the point of orgasm. Extra in a legitimate massage place does NOT mean oral sex or sexual intercourse. It only means massage of that “special area”.

How do you know if you are in a place that offers extra? How do you know the difference between a clean only massage and a massage offering extra? Well it’s usually easy to tell. The following signals are usually present when extra is offered.

  • The room will be completely private with real walls and a real door. Curtained in rooms are not suitable for “extra”
  • The masseuse will usually be wearing more casual or sometimes even sexy attire, not a formal nurse like uniform. 
  • You will be asked to remove all your clothes and the massage will performed naked
  • The masseuse will not take particular care to avoid seeing your nakedness. For example you might be asked to turn over and she won’t even bother to cover you with a towel


  • She will not shy away from body contact while giving you a massage. For example she may get up on the bed and straddle you while giving you a back massage so that  she can apply extra pressure. With clean massage the masseuse will usually stay on the floor and apply the massage from the side.
  • While performing the massage she will get very close to your penis and testicles and sometimes even “accidentally” brush up against them. If you get hard she won’t say anything and will appear not to notice.

Ok, so suppose you are getting a massage and you are pretty sure from the signals that “extra” is offered”. The massage is coming to an end. What happens? What do you do?

The masseuse will rarely if ever offer an extra service.  She will usually just say “finished”.  This is your cue to ask for extra. Simply ask, “Do you offer extra?”  She will know what you mean. 

She might say something like, “how much you give me”, or she might say something like, You mean “masturbation?”, or something like that to make it clear that it is just massage of your penis, and nothing more. Anyway, typically, if you are a foreigner and not her regular customer she will start by requesting P1000. You tell her that’s too much and offer her P500. She will usually shake her head indicating “no”. She is hoping that you are so horny you will simply give in.  Instead simply say, ok, never mind and start to get dressed. Most of the time they will say ok and do it for p500. That’s pretty much the standard fee.  Think about it from her point of view. Five hundred peso is two days work for many Filipinos. She can get an extra five hundred for about three minutes worth of work. You think she wants to give that up?

Not all cities have massage places offering extra. Many cities crack down on this practice. For the life of me I can’t understand why. They will look the other way when prostitutes are roaming the streets, but enforce the massage laws. In my opinion the practice should be encouraged. It’s very enjoyable for the customer, and far more safe than prostitution, and although you could argue it degrades the girls, you could also argue that it gives these girls a way to make good money without putting their health at risk. Also, which is more degrading, massaging a penis or fucking ten strangers a day?

One place where this practice is common is in Manila. In Manila there are many upscale massage and spa places which will also offer extra. Also if you are in a hotel in Manila and request an in room massage, most of the time these girls will do extra.

If you request a hotel or home massage, how can you know if the girls offer extra? Use similar techniques as described above. If the girl arrives in a fancy professional looking uniform, that’s a signal they don’t offer extra. When the girl arrives you might simply ask, how should I dress? If she says “take off all your clothes”, or she says “up to you” that’s a sign that she offers extra. If she says please wear shorts, that’s a sure sign that she does not offer extra. While she is giving you the massage observe the same signals as described above, in terms of whether she looks at your body and how she touches you.

Whore House Masquerading as a Massage Place

The third type of place is one I suggest you avoid at all costs. It is a whore house masquerading as a massage place. Typically these places are utterly disgusting. When you walk in you will immediately feel something is wrong. It will not seem like a legitimate massage place. It is likely to be dirty and ugly. The next sure sign is that they will ask for the money in advance. Legitimate massage places do not ask for the money in advance. If you ask to see or choose your masseuse more times than not they will refuse until you pay the money.  If you do choose to continue and pay the money they will then lead you to an ugly room with a dirty bed, and an ugly disgusting prostitute. The prostitute  might not even pretend they are a masseuse, they might ask right away what you want. If you do say you want to be massaged, they might give you a half hearted massage for about two minutes and then say “finished. What you want now?”.  If you told them you paid for massage and all you want is massage they would be utterly confused and annoyed. They want you to come in, fuck them, cum, leave your money and go. They don’t want to waste their time giving massage for no additional fee.

Well, do you still want to visit one of these places after the picture I just painted? If you do, you are a truly desperate man!


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